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Help Them HOPE (HOPE) is a civil association created in 2009 by Irishman John Whelan. While volunteering in Peru at El Hogar de San Francisco de Asis in 2006, John became aware and affected by the lack of opportunities for youth with disabilities. Through his desire to improve resources and support these individuals, HOPE grew into a non-profit that provides resources, support, and programs to youth with disabilities in order for them to achieve their educational, career, and independent living goals.

HOPE has since partnered with several disability service organizations and leaders of the disability community throughout Peru to create a program that will further increase the levels of independence for youth with disabilities. The aim is to continue building and strengthening a network of disability specialists, advocates and community leaders throughout Peru. In 2013, HOPE completed a one-year grant partnership with USAID, which gave HOPE the opportunity to give 7 Independent Living courses throughout Lima and in Arequipa, Peru. In addition, HOPE continues to strengthen existing partnerships with organizations such as AGORA (Association for the Blind) and Peru’s Children’s Charity (an organization which gives free physical therapy to children and youth with disabilities).

HOPE bases their work on the Independent Living Model (ILM), which means we serve people with disabilities using a program designed, managed, and run by people with disabilities, focusing on independence, self-empowerment, self-determination, and personal responsibility. The programs aim is to create replicable and sustainable curricula that will be presented to all parts of Peru that are adaptable for both provincial and urban situations, and are applicable to all ages and across disabilities.

 The HOPE team constantly strives to improve and enhance the organization to better serve those it supports and its surrounding community. Therefore, in November 2013, HOPE’s mission shifted to empower all people with disabilities through education, independent living and inclusive services. With that change, HOPE wishes to be more inclusive of all people with disabilities, and not just youth. HOPE’s goal is to help lead the Independent Living Movement in Peru alongside all people with disabilities.