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Sponsor a HOPE Scholarship

A HOPE Scholarship will allow you to directly impact the life of a underprivileged youth with a disability. Your support allows a youth to partake in our three core programs; Education, Career Guidance, and Independent Living, furthering their personal independence and gainful employment. 

For as little as €1 Euro a day or $35 USD per month, you can provide a youth, and others in the HOPE Scholarship Program, the gift of academic and lifelong education.


By sponsoring a HOPE Scholarship you will receive:

  • Updates about your student once a year
  • A chance to send and receive virtual letters and photos
  • Our quarterly online newsletters
  • Updates about other students and their progress
  • Birthday and holiday greetings


Additionally we have a large presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can engage with us and hear about our Service Recipient’s progress on a daily basis.

“I was always thankful of the support from my sponsor. Through letters I was able to get to know who was helping me to achieve my goals. When my sponsor was able to visit me in Peru I was happy to be able to know the face of the person that supports me everyday.” - Jordan, Service Recipient

To sponsor a HOPE Scholarship click here.