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Help Them HOPE and Uncover Latin America

Help Them HOPE is happy to announce that our new partner, “Uncover Latin America” will be donating a scholarship for one of our service recipients to study Tourism. The Uncover Latin America Team have contributed to HOPE in the past, and we are so excited that they are are signing on to help fund a scholarship! They have pledged to donate $1,000 through a matching fund -- meaning that they will double every dollar they receive from donations their clients give in order to provide a HOPE scholarship! We are very thankful to Uncover Latin America! Please read below about what the great work that they do -- we highly recommend them!

HOPE Team with Uncover Latin America


Uncover Latin America are the specialists in Latin American travel. A team of highly trained travel industry professionals work to give all of their clients the best possible Latin American experience by creating lasting memories to remember and share with others. UCLA knows that no two clients are alike and their passionate, close-knit team works with all of their customers to create specialized trips!

For more information and to book a tour of your own, feel free to visit their website here: http://www.uncoverlatinamerica.com/.