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What a day!

Last saturday, February 28th, the HOPE team could hardly wait for the Back to School Party to begin! After the service recipients arrived, the real fun began! The HOPE team wanted to throw this party for the service recipients as a chance to let loose and have fun with their peers before heading back to school. The event was a huge success! 



Many service recipients came and some even brought some special family members and friends along! We even had a special guest from the HOPE Board of Directors join us, Gladys, along with her son Bryan! We had such an incredible turnout!



We played games all afternoon, charades being a crowd favourite! We also played musical chairs, ice breaker games and had a piñata! Everyone came out of their shell and at the end of the day, we all got to know each other a lot better.



Little did everyone know, the HOPE team had a special surprise for the service recipients up their sleeve! Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to gift each one of the service recipients who came with a backpack full of supplies! The backpack was full of notepads, pens, pencils, a calculator and more - supplies for an entire school year! Watching the service recipients discover their new supplies put a smile on everyones face!



Later on in the afternoon, we also got to recognize two amazing scholarship recipients who recently graduated. It was our absolute pleasure to present Wilver Alva and Jeny Vega with an achievement certificate, to demonstrate how proud we are of their dedication. Both Wilver and Jeny deserved a special recognition, for their hard work, their positives attitudes and their willingness to succeed despite their challenges! Wilver graduated from his Business Administration program in 2014 and Jeny also graduated last year, from her Pharmacy program. Hearing them tell their stories was very inspirational and we were all deeply touched. They are role models for all of our other scholarship recipients. Well done graduates! 



We all had such a fun day, spending time together, eating together and being silly together! We want to thank all of our service recipients and special guests for coming out on Saturday, we hope you had just as much fun as we did! The HOPE team would also like to thank all of our amazing donors for making our special surprise possible!