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Intern Musings #1

As a student in international development, you can’t go more than one or two lectures without hearing about Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach theory. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from my studies it’s that focusing on building people’s ability and freedom to develop themselves is an important part of working towards sustainable development. It’s in that quote about learning to fish. 


After one week of working for HOPE, it’s easy to see that this doesn’t just apply to development aid between countries but to all kinds of aid, right down to a personal, one-on-one level. I’ve been tasked with creating infographics to update our sponsors on the progress of the students they are helping through school and in reading their stories I can see the capabilities approach in action. Despite the myriad of barriers in their way, these students are able to pursue a wide variety of careers from business administration and computing to cosmetology to nursing thanks to the support of their sponsors. HOPE supports our Scholarship Recipients in pursuing whatever dream they wish, giving them the freedom to choose what skills they want to learn so they can contribute back to society when they are done. It’s pretty cool to get the chance to see development theories in real life!

-Kristine, E-marketing Intern 2016