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Media Kit

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Phone: (51-1) 206-4240 Anexo 101; Yapaykuy: Anexo 102

Address: Dos de Mayo 516, Oficina 201, Miraflores, Lima 18 PERU

Year Established: 2009

Mission: To empower people with disabilities through education, independent living and inclusive services.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/helpthemhope

Twitter: www.twitter.com/helpthemhope

Founding Director’s Story

Health, Opportunity, Progress, Education are the words constantly circulating through John Whelan’s mind. He carries these words with him in the hope that each youth in Peru with a disability will someday have the chance to experience them.

Mr. Whelan grew up in Carlow, Ireland and first went to Peru in 2006 to volunteer at the Hogar San Francisco De Asis. The Hogar is a home for children with disabilities to receive the treatment they deserve. During John’s time at he helped over 25 volunteers come to Peru and raised over 65,000 Euros for various projects. Whilst volunteering John also met his wife, Karina, who was a Physical Therapist at The Hogar.

After a few years John allowed the various projects he was working on to evolve into Help Them HOPE. His dedication to help those with disabilities in Peru has inspired a diverse group of employees and volunteers to work alongside him. He is constantly investigating new ideas to determine how he and Help Them HOPE can positively impact the world.

John is currently running Help Them HOPE and living in Lima with his beautiful wife, daughter, and newborn son. He has a Bachelor of Business Studies in Services Marketing and also a certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). John is happiest when engaging with people, creating opportunity and broadening his horizons. He is a strong believer in the power of positivity and 'doing good things'. He is thankful for the all the support he has recieved: His wife, Karina, his children, his family and friends in Ireland, fellow volunteers, supporters in Peru, and all of those who believe in the pillars of Help Them HOPE: Health, Opportunity, Progress, and Education.