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HOPE Scholarship Program

There are 3.5 million people throughout Peru who have declared living with a disability. Sadly, 21% of all people with disabilities have no formal educational, with some provinces reaching up to almost 50%. Only 1 in 10 persons with disabilities reach higher education.*

Help Them HOPE’s Hope Scholarship Program offers a variety of opportunities and resources to people with disabilities across Peru.

The core concept of the Hope Scholarship Program is Financial Aid for our Service Recipients. In turn, youth and people with disabilities across Peru now have greater access to attend:

  • Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Technical Institutes
  • Public & Private Universities


Participating in our Hope Scholarship Program allows a Service Recipient to receive financial aid to support them while they finish primary and secondary school, obtain a certificate at a technical institute, or study a degree at a local university. Currently, our Service Recipients are studying business administration, gastronomy, accounting, cosmetology, and other career paths. 

*Statistics are from the National Institute of Statistics (INEI) – Continuous National Survey, 2006 cited in the United Nations Report under the 35 article of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in January 11, 2011

Success Stories:

Jaime is a role model to all of us here at Help Them HOPE. In 2009 he entered our HOPE Scholarship Program with dreams to be an English Teacher. He then studied an English Course followed by a Teaching Course. After that he had an internship here at the Help Them HOPE Center which he then completed and transitioned into a full-time teaching position at a local school. He will soon continue his studies in a University to obtain a degree in Education. 

“Without a HOPE Scholarship I would not have thought to pursue a professional career because my family doesn’t have many resources. As I started participating in the Help Them HOPE programs I began to learn how to live more independently. I now know that I have career options and that I can become a professional to support myself and my family.” - Jenny, Service Recipient

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