Juan Daniel, who is a HOPE Scholar smiling about education possibilities while in wheelchair outside his school.

In Peru, only one in ten people with disabilities study at a higher level institute.

HOPE has connected sponsors to over 150 youth to help them achieve their educational goals. 'I would not have been able to study since I do not have the necessary financial resources. Thanks to my sponsor Michael & HOPE's support, I had the opportunity to finish high school and then study Computer Engineering'. - Juan Daniel

​100% of your sponsorship goes to our scholars.

Your support becomes the financial aid to enable your scholar to study at a higher level. Monthly, we deposit funds in your scholars' bank account. Funds help cover college fees, rent, transport costs, internet access, and to purchase tools and materials to advance their studies. ´HOPE helped me open my first bank account, provided funds for my studies, and access to the internet and a laptop. I am incredibly grateful to my sponsor Doug and HOPE's support`. - Fiorella

Friorella, a scholarship recipient grateful for educational support.
Mariluz a HOPE Scholar who lives with a disability receives a computer degree at her graduation.

Your support is changing lives.

Los jóvenes que sin su apoyo jamás habrían podido tener acceso a la Educación Superior, hoy en día están graduándose y encontrando trabajo. Over 90% of HOPE's scholars have found work. 'Without a HOPE Scholarship, I would not have thought to pursue a professional career because my family doesn't have many resources. Now I have work, and I can support myself and my family'. - Marliuz

Meet Carlos and Issac.

Carlos and Issac were born blind. Their passion and talent for music have been evident since they were children, creating music on pots and pans. In 2019 they became the first people who are blind to graduate from their university. They studied Musical Education and now want to teach people with disabilities. ´We had many challenges during our studies. We are breaking down barriers for people with disabilities to study a higher-level education. We want to thank HOPE and our sponsors for their support over the past six years´. - Carlos and Issac.

Carlos & Issac graduate from university and are excited about their future

Why HOPE was created.

In 2008 I met Marco. Marco, who is the same age as me, had a severe fall several years before we met, which left him paralyzed. Marco wanted to return to school. Funds were sourced from a kind donor to help him finish school. Due to very few supports for people with disabilities in Peru, I founded HOPE in 2011 to help more people like Marco. I have had the opportunity to visit our scholars' homes to listen to their stories and build relationships with them. I have heard their educational goals and the impact that HOPE's and your support has had on their lives. From day one, the goal has always been to connect sponsors with people who want to study but don't have the resources. Relationships have been built between sponsors and scholars at a local and international level. Today, I ask you to become a sponsor or make a donation to help one of our 150+ scholars. John Whelan - Founder of Help Them HOPE John is from Ireland. John leads HOPE, and has directly worked with more than 100 Scholars. John's spouse, Karina, is Peruvian, and they have two children.

Founder of Help Them Hope, John Whelan, posing for picture with Anelida, who is a HOPE Scholar.

Words From Our Supporters

"My father and I, co-sponsor Norma, who is studying primary education and hopes to teach at a blind and visually impaired school. HOPE is a special organization because it enables people who don't have the financial resources to study. I am honored to support Norma, who has become my role model. I am incredibly happy seeing HOPE graduates advance their careers and become successful young adults!"

Brooks Fassett

"Jolley and I were motivated to support HOPE after we volunteered with John Whelan (HOPE Founder) helping the kids at El Hogar San Francisco de Asis in 2008. Those wonderful, gutsy kids showed us that with a little help, they could do anything. They need so little to do so much. For the cost of going out to dinner once a month, we can give them the ability to have a much better life through HOPE."

Dave & Jolley Siegwald

"HOPE is doing something that few to no other organizations in Peru are doing, providing resources to those with disabilities in across Peru. After working in the office of HOPE in Lima for over a year, I was able to see firsthand the commitment and hands-on support that the team gives to their members. The money is only used for good to support the right initiatives."

Noelle Kimble McEntee

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