Covid-19 Appeal 

Please help our scholars attend their classes!

Covid-19 Appeal 

We need your help!   Peru had one of the world's longest lockdowns due to Covid-19. Educational institutions are moving online, and your support is required. Our scholars need internet access and laptops to help them get online to attend their classes. We have sourced funds to purchase three laptops but need to buy five more. All of your donation minus processing costs go to buy laptops,  John Whelan - Founder of Help Them HOPE 

Your support is making a difference!  

Elsa, Barbara and Olga can now attend their classes.  For every $500 raised a laptop is purchased for a HOPE Scholar. Your donation helps us get another person online to attend  their classes. 


Olga's classes for early childhood education moved online in April. Olga had to get a lend of a laptop and frequently missed classes. Since receiving her laptop, Olga has not lost a class and continues to be one of the top students in her class. 


"I would like to express my gratitude to the people who make my HOPE scholarship possible. My classes in law moved online shortly after the lockdown started, so this laptop will greatly benefit my studies."


Elsa is in 2nd year of computers. It would not have been possible to continue her studies with her laptop. She can now attend her online classes and also share the laptop with her son, who is doing his primary school classes online. 

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