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Angela Patricia Fenco García

"The early bird gets the worm”


Bussines managment's engineering


Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina




Physical disability




"My dream is want to study, finish my professional studies, and help both my mother and others that need it"

About me

When I was born, a malformation and shortening of my left leg were detected. As a child, I had difficulties socializing because of my leg appearance, making me somewhat shy, but I was able to cope with it at that stage. My school was close to home, I studied there through third grade, missing a year due to financial hardship. At this point, my parents took me to the hospital to assess my leg situation, this was when the doctors informed us that my hip would be affected if something was not done. Since we did not have the financial ability to pay for these necessary surgeries, they told us about a home in Chaclacayo where they helped low-income children who needed medical help. 

Everything was okay until they told me that I would have to stay there, far away from my family; I cried at the beginning as everyone does, but finally ended up getting used to it. That is how I came to find the place that I still consider my second home since I lived there from fourth grade until my third year in high school. During that time, I went through many operations that were beneficial to my health, I met many wonderful people who stayed at the home or are no longer in Peru. After those 6 years, I was discharged, which was a shock to me because I had become so accustomed to being in the home, but after all, I know my stay there was going to be temporary. I had to accept it, and it would be fine since I can go visit.

I finished my final year in high school and have always wanted to study something involving mathematics because I liked those classes the most. I decided to study English in Business Management because there is a national university that provides this major and is close to my home. Aside from studying in my career, I would like to and will be able to help other people who need it.

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