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Antonella Gabriela Mendoza Lejabo

"May your dreams take you where your heart is happy.”


English Language Course  


Instituto Sise




Physical disability




"My dream is to become a professional with my own business, teach English to children, have my own department, and exploring Peru"

About me

I play: basketball, wheelchair racing, I like to listen to music in my free time.

When I was four hours old, they operated on my back. At one month, they put in a shunt to control my hydrocephalus. I live with my mother now. My father is dead and I am the second oldest of my sisters.

When I was six months old, my mother took me to the ESSALUD hospital for therapy. Then, when I was a year old, they took me to INER hospital in Callao, where they didn’t expect that I would walk. At four years old, then took me to San Juan de Dios hospital to do therapy for a year. I started school at five years old. Later I studied in a private primary school. They pulled me out due to a lack of money and I finished secondary school at a program at the Colegio Fe y Alegria at 16. I played basketball for a year, leaving the sport to resume my therapy at the Centro Peru Children’s Charities three times a week.

After two years, when I was eighteen, I studied basic English with the goal of working and being independent, but I was not able to finish because of a fractured femur. Now I am asking you to provide me support for an office course, because I want to improve myself, be independent, and show that I am equal to anyone else and able to cover my personal expenses and be independent.

Nothing would make me happier than to take care of myself and not depend on anyone.

Thank you in advance for choosing me and for all the support."

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