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Ayda Maria Campomanes Tarazona

"Every sacrifice has a reward.”




Universidad Católica los Ángeles de Chimbote




Vision Impairment




"My dream is to be a great professional and great person"

About me

My name is Maria Ayda Tarazona Campomanes. I am 22 years old. I was born in Collota-Pomabamba - Ancash

The province is located in Ancash Pomabamba which is made up of mostly low-income families. It is very remote and far from the cities. People make a living by farming and working in the fields.  

.When my parents died my brothers and I was separated and we went to different houses with different guys in Pomabamba CRESI. I finished my primary and secondary study there. After that I went to a city called Huanuco where I got a job and started working to get ahead. I went there with my uncle who worked at a grocery store but I was always away from my brothers. I knew it was wrong that I couldn’t see them and even though it broke my heart that I couldn’t see them, I never had the economic resources to visit. So I continued to live as normal, until my accident.

In my childhood I felt pains in my breast but I never got it checked then because I thought maybe it was something that would simply pass. Unfortunately, the pain continued to get worse. When I finished secondary school I started working and I put on a little weight. At that point, the pain got so bad that I could barely move my left arm. That was when I decided to ask for time off work and I traveled to Pomabamba, so I could go to the hospital and have them evaluate me. Unfortunately, the hospital didn’t have the proper equipment so they sent me to a hospital all the way in Lima (about 8 hours away). After one month of exams, they did a biopsy. It specimen stayed in the pathologists office for yet another month and finally I got the results. Thank god it was benign. 

Finally, I was able to go back home and return to my job in Huanuco. That was exactly one year ago on July 27th 2011. I took an overnight bus, and on July 28th at 5:30am the bus took a horrible fall in the river called Rio Huallaga. It fell 100 meters down and 14 people sadly died. All survivors were terribly injured. I fractured two discs in my spine and chest and I was admitted at the hospital Huanuco Hermiño Valdizán for 15 days. After that they transferred me to a hospital in Lima where I received treatment for two months. That is where I continue to receive my therapies and check-ups.

As the hospital is helping me to improve my health I will do everything on my part to make my dreams a reality and to improve my health. Right now I can walk without the help of a walker and little by little I will improve. 

I arrived to El Hogar, thanks to the help from my brother who asked for their help on my behalf. And thanks to my brother, Help Them HOPE will help me with my studies.

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