Benefits of giving

31 May, 2020

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Do you ever find yourself asking why people give? Or maybe you wonder if giving really is just for the holidays? Many people underestimate or sometimes don’t even realize the benefits we can gain from giving, any day of the year. See for yourself!

1.Giving can improve your sense of well-being: when you help others, you feel better about yourself. Knowing you sacrificed time, money or things in order to benefit someone else, you not only get inner satisfaction but you also feel a sense of purpose.


2.Giving can help you stay informed about important issues: when people decide to give, they usually do some research behind the causes and the organizations they will be supporting. In doing so, they become educated and interested in these important issues and are more likely to stay in the loop.

3.Giving can help strengthen your spiritual life: when someone gives, whether out of spiritual conviction or not, they are selflessly committing to support someone or something. Giving can bring a sense of inner peace and contentment, which is a key component to many belief systems.

Giving has many benefits: not only can getting involved enlarge your social circle, but being able to watch your support in action can also have physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Giving is good for the receiver and good for the giver.

Giving makes you feel happy: spending time or money on yourself is one thing, but selflessly dedicating those things to someone else is scientifically proven to raise your happiness levels. Not only do you feel good about yourself for giving, but you also get to watch someone else be blessed by your actions. When you get a smile, you give a smile.

Giving is good for your health: when you’re happy, you’re healthy. Not only can giving raise your spirits, but it is also an excellent way to fight stress. What better way to take your mind off of your worries than to help others around you.

Giving is a social act: when you give, you become part of a cause, part of a family who is just as passionate as you are about important issues. Giving strengthens our ties to others and promotes community, trust and empowerment.

Giving evokes gratitude: whether you’re the giver or the receiver, giving is the best way to express gratitude and give back. We often forget to step back and count our blessings, but when we do, we are lucky to be able to give to others.

Giving is contagious: the act of giving doesn’t just affect one person. When you give, you set off a ripple effect of generosity through your community. Whether it’s by inspiring others to give or by building awareness for a special cause, you will be surprised by how how far your actions can go.

Giving makes a difference: when you give, you become part of a local and often global change. You may not know it, but you are making a difference, no matter the donation, no matter the cause!

Every time you give to Help Them HOPE, you are giving a youth living with disability in Peru the opportunity to study, to follow their dreams, to reach their goals. By supporting our mission, you are becoming part of a local and global movement to empower those living with disability and fight for the inclusive services they deserve. To sponsor a youth today, go here. To make a donation, go here.

On behalf of our scholarship recipients, thank you for choosing to give!

Thank you for making a difference!