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Empowering those affected by Amputations

Most people know her as Mrs. Bolivia International from 2004. What many don’t know about Elizabeth Bress is that she was born with a congenital disorder that left her without a fibula in her right leg. She depended on an implant to walk and had very limited access to medical resources. After seven unsuccessful surgeries, Elizabeth made the decision to amputate her limb. At such a young age, she struggled to adjust to the loss and went through many periods of resentment and depression. With the help of her parents, Elizabeth got through the turmoil and later pursued a college degree in business. But she didn’t stop there… She got her masters in marketing and soon found a job where she was quickly promoted.

Still on the pursuit of happiness, she moved to America to join the acting world. She studied theatre and took part in many productions, ranging from movies to plays. Despite her love of acting, she felt a calling to go back into business. It was in 2008 that Elizabeth became managing partner of an organization dear to her heart, SOS Medical, which supplies post rehabilitation equipment to people with similar physical differences. Since then, Elizabeth has found her calling within the organization and has also inspired SOS Medical’s newest Prosthetics Division. Together, they provide support and equipment to amputees in the Los Angeles region, helping them to see past the loss - like she once did.

Today, Elizabeth continues to empower amputees through SOS Medical and through her amazing story of strength of perseverance. Here at HOPE, we are inspired everyday by the journey of our service recipients. Despite the challenges they have faced and continue to overcome, they strive to achieve their educational goals - thanks to our amazing sponsors! Our sponsors are an everyday inspiration to all of us!

To learn more about Elizabeth’s journey and her work with SOS Medical, check out their website!

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