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Carlos Flores Sandoval

" Thanks to your support and the education I have received, I will accomplish all of my goals.”




Escuela Superior de Música José María Valle Riestra




Vision Impairment




"My dream is to be a professional so that I can support my family and the institution, Help Them Hope, as they have provided us the support to continue our studies. For example, I want to complete my thesis and obtain my degree to be able to give back to those who have supported me and also to help persons with disabilities reach their dreams"

About me

My name is Carlos Flores Sandoval. I was born July 3, 1990 in La Arena District. My mother is María Paula Sandoval Aquino. My brother is Isaac Flores Sandoval. I went to primary school at Colegio 140123. I liked participating in the band at this school, from 3rd grade to 6th grade of primary school. In secondary school, I went to Cayetano Heredia and from 4th to 5th grade of secondary school, to Colegio Hermanos Meléndez de la Unión. I participated in the folk music workshops; we participated in events organized by the city, anniversaries. I was invited to take part in the Futsal championships. When I was 20, I applied to the Escuela de Música José María Valle Riestra [José María Valle Riestra School of Music], but I wasn’t able to enroll due to discrimination for being blind. At 21, I applied again, with the support of the Public Defender, and was admitted. At 23, I study, work, and sometimes am part of a musical group, where they support me financially to cover some food and travel expenses.

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