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Cristian Jesus Inga Alfaro

"Try hard and be very brave”


Environment Engineering and Labor Security


Universidad Tecnológica de Perú




Vision Impairment




"My dream is to become a successful professional"

About me

My name is Cristian Jesus Inga Alfara, I was born on December 1, 1992, in Huancayo-Chupaca. My parents' names are Oswaldo inga Hilario and Ana Maria Afaro Pacheco.

I was born with a tumor on my forehead near my right eye; they operated on me when I was a baby at the Children’s Hospital.

When I turned nine years old, my parents brought me back to the city of Lima to continue with my treatments. This time around I had the support of Dr. Anthony Lazzara who runs the home “San Francisco de Asis” in Chaclacayo. I’m thankful for the trip to the United States for facial reconstruction when I was ten years old. I was in the United States for just about a year, this is where I met two incredible people, Mr. Mario and Mrs. Melanie, who took care of me during my stay in the country.

I never stopped studying no matter the adversities I had to face. On the other hand, the couple I had been living with, in the USA were my motivation to continue studying. This is how I finished primary school at the Education Institution, Florentino Pratt, in Chaclacayo, and high school in my hometown of Chupaca, Huancaya-Junin, at the school San Miguel.

I am now working in Lima. My big dream is to continue studying and in the future, to become a talented civil engineer.

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