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Denis Angel Yacha Capcha

" Your limit arrives to where your fear begins.”




Universidad Nacional Federico Villareal




Vision Impairment




My dream is to study for a doctorate in Psychology, to have a private practice y teach other professionals.

About me

My name is Denis Yacha Capcha. I was born July 1, 1995 en Lima, Peru. My parents are Angel, from the region of Huánuco, and Betty from Lima. My mom suspected that something was wrong with my eyes and took me to the Institute for Children’s Health. There a pediatric ophthalmologist found, after a series of exams, that I was born with cataracts in both eyes. This finding corroborated my mom’s fear that the condition was inherited from her and therefore without a cure. Surgery to remove the cataracts was very serious and dangerous at that premature age. Also, my vision was severely limited since I was born with cataracts. Because of all of this, I would wear a pair of glasses, changing the prescription every 6 months, until I was a teenager. Then I would submit to surgical intervention to implant intraocular lenses and then not have to use glasses anymore. My mom was confronted with a great responsibility and the courage even to renounce her dream of having another child because it could be born with the same infirmity.  

My childhood was always subject to economic limitations together with not so pleasant memories of my father, living firsthand under the lash//whip of his addiction to alcohol. I can only thank God that my mom was able to survive. I never lacked for food, clothing, or shoes because the house where she worked gave us these things from time to time. It would be impossible to write a autobiography without stressing how much my mom did for me. She worked, selling tamales, cheese, honey and even candy before losing her sight in the course of time as I will detail here.

When I was 7 years old, my mom accepted the proposal of a friend of hers to live in her house as long as my dad would never go there. This friend was often a witness to his violent behavior and alcohol addiction of my father. For these reasons she considered my mom a suitable person to take care of her house while she was gone on a trip. This trip lasted about 10 years. The first night I slept there was the first time I slept through the night since I was of the age of understanding and reason.

At school I was always restless and intrepid. I liked reading and doing math. Even though I didn’t have a computer until the age of 13, I enjoyed science and biology as well as writing poems. On weekends my mom took me with her where she washed clothes. I enjoyed the change in scenery that one sees in the architecture from where I lived. In the most exclusive districts of Lima, I learned to appreciate how some rooms may have beautiful rugs and some bedrooms may be so spacious that they are half the size of my house. There were gardens full of beautiful flowers and I was even more surprised when I saw where the buses drove and then realized that all of this could be possible with an education. My mom always pushed me in my studies. She said that with my effort, work and integrity the wise lessons taught by my great grandfather, Cerefino Campos could become possible with study. Due to him as well as my mom, I am where I am.