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Edward Marchan Ojeda

"Ultimately, everything is fixed.”


Information Engineering


Universidad Nacional de Piura




Intellectual disability




"My dream is to have my own business and buy my own home"

About me

My name is Edward Marchan. I live in Piura and study Information Engineering. I am actually about to start my thesis. The program took me 5 years to complete. My favorite classes were design, java programming, and databases.

I have really enjoyed my professional career as I have learned a lot in school and I have made many great friends. Now that I have finished school, I would like to get a job in an office where I can use my programming skills.

Outside of studying, I spend time with my friends. We like to go for walks, play playstation, and eat ceviche with friends and family.

My family is also well. I help my parents with things around the house such as cleaning.

My health is also good. The way I stay healthy is by walking.

I would also like to say that I am very thankful for your support. It is allowing me to achieve my career goals and I am very grateful for that. God Bless You!

Things in my life are going well; if you put in the effort, all will work out. Now, I will start working on my thesis.

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