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Elsa Noemí Delgado Burga

"Deliver me from the meek waters that I save myself from evil”




Instituto Superior Tecnológico Privado Interamericano




Physical disability




"My dream is Once I finish my studies, I want to be a great professional in my line of work have a good social image and Help people who need it using everything I have learned"

About me

I was born on July 28, 1988 in the village of Maygasbamba-Bambamarca within the Hualgayoc Province in the department of Cajamarca. 

My Parents are Luz Marina Chavez Burga, who works at home and Gilberto Delgado Arevalo, who is a farmer. I lived with my parents and my brothers, then I started primary school where everything was wonderful and I enjoyed studying and playing sports. 

When I was in the sixth grade I was in a car accident which made me pass out for a few hours. Months passed and I still felt bad. It was very difficult to walk as I had extreme knee and hip pain, so my mom took me to a health facility for some tests, where I was diagnosed with a dislocated left hip. The doctors recommended me doing the treatment in Lima. 

My parents asked for help from Sister Sophia at the Sacred Heart of Bambamarca. She made ​​contact with the Hogar San Francisco de Asis, where I received help. 

The Hogar was very beautiful, and the people welcomed me and I stayed there for two years. They helped me with my treatment so that I could recover completely, and I also studied my third year of secondary school there too. Everything was nice; there were friends and collaborators who gave us joy everyday, and I remember when they gave me a doll for Christmas, which I had never had as a child, and it was such a happy time for me. 

Today I am a mother of a family, I have a beautiful child who is 5 years old and he has already started his studies. Currently I work selling orange juice and taking care of my son. My plans for the future is to study a short career and then continue to study and have a job in a pharmacy. 

I learned about Help Them HOPE through two great friends, Ivet Ccora Patala and Mariluz Marin Vasquez, who told me their experiences with Help Them HOPE. It interested me, and I like being a part of a family, so now I am very happy and content thanks to HOPE.

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