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Elsa Yaneth Caruajulca Carranza

"Those who study will be successful.”


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Physical disability




"My dream is to form a shelter for the elderly who are abandoned"

About me

My name is Elsa Caruajulca Carrasco, I was born in Bambamarca -. Cajamarca on August 20, 1992. My parents are Segundo Caruajulca Garcia and my mom Lucila Carranza Saucedo, I am the youngest of 6 siblings.

I was born with a severe malformation of the face and feet, I learned to live like this with my family, they always took care of me and supported me.

We couldn’t pay doctors or treatments, my parents are dedicated to the farming and money is not enough, it was very hard not to have the resources to treat malformations.

In 2010 my parents met a Religious Sister who worked helping children with disabilities and was through her that I know about the Hogar San Francisco de Asis in Chaclacayo.

Since I moved to the Home began my treatments and ongoing operations in 2010, 2011 and 2012, I was able to finish high school at the Colegio Santiago Felipe Estenos in Chaclacayo the last december in 2013.

Now my treatments ended, the school also completed and have returned to my town in Bambamarca where I live with one of my sisters, I don’t live with my parents because they live in the field and is very far away, no institutes to study.

My dream is to help many people and children and like the people who helped me, I want to be a good nurse.

Thanks for your support.

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