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Evelyn Rosmery LLacuachaqui Flores

"Focus on God, because with his help, we can push forward.”




Ramiro Priale Priale




Physical disability




"My dream is to study and finish my professional career and find a cure for cancer. If one day I have money, I want to help all the animals on the street"

About me

My name is Evelyn Llacuachaqui Flores. I was born in Chilca - Huancayo on October 13, 1997. My parents are Mr. Jose Llacuachaqui Quispe and Mrs. Martha Flores Caceres. As a young girl, I liked playing with my neighborhood friends. Those were great years. I went to public school for both elementary and high school. Despite my accident, I successfully finished elementary and high school.

I was in an accident as a baby. At 9 months, I burned my entire left leg. Although I lost a year because of my operation, I was still able to get first place in everything in elementary school and successfully finish high school. For work, thank you to Jesus, I was able to get a job at the mall helping in the lingerie store. It’s not in business but I’m able to make a living that way. My mom’s support has helped my accomplishments and has given me the strength to surpass every challenge.

I currently work in a lingerie store to be able to cover my expenses such as rent, electricity, water, food, and other personal expenses for my mom, my niece, and myself. My dream is to study medicine to find a cure for cancer since so many people die from it. However, I can’t go to school yet because I work every day and I need to support my mother. She isn’t able to work so I am the one in charge of everything and don’t have any support. Thank you to Help Them Hope and everyone who has given me the support to achieve my dreams. I thank you for covering my studies and supporting me until I finish school.

Since I work every day to cover my expenses, I will study on the weekends since nowadays, it costs something like 200 and 300 with registration.

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