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Donating to HOPE

You can donate using any major credit card online here, or become a sponsor here . If you prefer to donate via bank transfer or check, please contact us for more details.

Your donation has been processed via Personal Philanthropy, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a fiscal sponsor of Help Them HOPE, which makes your gift tax-deductible in the USA. Please consult your tax advisor for details on your specific situation. Help Them HOPE will appear on your bank statement.


​Funds donated minus processing costs go to our Scholar fund. The person you are supporting may receive more or less than the amount you have given. The need for each scholar is different. On average, we give $800 per year to each scholar. Processing costs are approximately five percent.

If the person you support stops studying, we will ask to pair you with another scholarship recipient. If you do not want to be paired with a new scholar, your donation can support our services or be canceled.

You will receive a welcome email with information about your sponsee. You will receive biannual updates about your sponsee. We will send you our newsletter to inform you about how the Scholarship Recipients are progressing and what we do to support them. We encourage you to connect with your sponsee, so please feel free to send us letters, photos, holiday greetings.

About HOPE

HOPE provides Career Planning, Financial Aid in the form of Scholarships, and English Language Support.

In Peru, there are very few supports for people with disabilities from low-income families. Only one in ten people with disabilities study at a higher level institute. Less than 30% have formal work. The services of HOPE are needed to provide a pathway to higher-level education and employment.

John Whelan founded HOPE in 2011. While volunteering in Peru from 2007 to 2009, John from Ireland saw the lack of higher-level educational opportunities for people with disabilities. John founded Help Them HOPE in 2011 to provide financial aid in the form of scholarships to youth with disabilities. John continues to lead HOPE and has directly worked with more than 100 Scholars. John's spouse, Karina, is Peruvian, and they have two children.

Help Them HOPE is registered in Peru as a civil association. Personal Philanthropy, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit Social Enterprise, is the fiscal sponsor of Help Them HOPE in the USA.