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Farina Guillerma Narva Guevara

"Help always and give thanks to God for putting you in a place where you provide help and not where you need it..”


Law and Political Science 


Universidad Privada del Norte




Had or has - A Chronic Disease 




"My dream is to would like to be a great attorney and do social work"

About me

Hello my name is Farina Guillerma Narva Guevara I was born in a community of Ojos Corral. My father passed away when I was 6. My mom is illiterate. I have 4 brothers and sisters. I had a fracture in my right elbow. They transferred me to Bambamarca to seek help from Sister Sofía. She then took me to the Hogar San Francisco de Asís in 2007. After checking me out, I went back to stay with Sister Sofía. She helped me finish my secondary school in 2009.

Later I worked as a housekeeper and was studying for a technical career. When I was at the point of finishing in 2012, they detected a blood illness in me called antiphospholipid syndrome. As a result of this, I almost lost my left leg because it produced a deep vein thrombosis and I now have only 20 blood circulation which causes me pain at times. It was for this reason that I returned to the Hogar San Francisco de Asís. I was there in 2012-2013. 

In 2015 they diagnosed another illness called Lupus, which generates a lot of joint pain. Currently I go to medical checkups all of the time due to my autoimmune illnesses. I have already had problems with joint pain that I have overcome. Now I have liver damage for which I will be doing treatments.

Right now I am very excited because I am going to begin studying for a career in Law and Political Science thanks to the support of a scholarship from Help them HOPE. My dream is to be a great lawyer and to advocate for the poor people of my country. Also, some children with disabilities receive support from Dr. Anthony Lazzara. I would love to do social work.

In my free time I am going to visit my mom in the country. She has some animals like sheep, guinea pigs and chickens.

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