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Frank Angel Jaramillo Retuerto

"I am with God and if I don’t return it’s because I left with him.”


Secondary School 


Centros de Educación Básica Alternativa 3057 -CEBA




Intellectual disability




My dream is to be an Auto Mechanic.

About me

My name is Frank Angel Jaramillo Retuerto, and I was born in Áncash in 2001. My parents are Víctor Jaramillo Tarazona and Antanonia Eudocia Retuerto Jaramillo. I lived in the mountains until I was 15 years old when I was lethargic, and my disease was detected and moved to Lima for treatment. I was admitted into the Hogar and studied there for 2 years; Saturdays, we did cleaning until 11:30, and on Sundays, we went out to play to have fun. I left the Hogar because the doctor told me my disease could not be cured. I currently live with my sister in Lima, and I study in the afternoons. My hobby is playing chess and video games when I am bored, I always play chess or Ludo. I like to water the plants, help my sister in her chores, and look for grass for rabbits all afternoon.

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