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Frank Richard Davila Cayotopa

"He who helps others, God helps him double.”


Secondary School


Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca




Physical disability




"My dream is to finish my studies, to study for a career to be able to work and have a better life and help support my parents"

About me

My name is Frank Richard Dàvila Cayotopa, I was born in the Department of Cajamarca, in the Hualgayoc province, Chugur is my district. I was born in 1999 and lived with my parents Salatiel Dávila Días and Guillermina Cayotopa Tarrillo. At 7 years of age, I began to study at school in the town where I live; I could not start studying before because of my disability and the school was very far. 

At school, I met a teacher who told me about a home in Lima helping people with disabilities. So I decided to go there so that they could help me and thank God for them. That was how, in 2013, I traveled to my boarding school at the San Francisco de Asís home where they helped me a lot over time. 

The doctors diagnosed me with a locomotor disability, which prevented me from moving on my own. With the help of canes, I studied sixth grade of primary education at the Alberto Rivera and Pierola Chaclaclayo school and the 1,2 secondary level at the Felipe Santiago Estenos educational institution. I was in the home for 3 years, in 2016 I had to depart the Hogar and return to my hometown where I finished my high school studies. In 2019, before finishing my high school, I had the opportunity to sit for the entrance exam at the national university of Cajamarca, managing to enter the professional degree track in economics.

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