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Grimaldina Saña Carhuatocto

" God helps he who rises early. With faith, hope, and love.”


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 


Isa Integral




Vision Impairment




My dream is to be a physical therapist to have the necessary tools to be able to give massages and have a job to support myself.

About me

I am Grimaldina Sana Carhuatocto and I was born in Chocan, Province of Ayabava, Province of Piura.

I spent my childhood in the sierra working in the farm. Other days, I helped with chores or taking care of my younger siblings. These duties were done when I got home from school. I always thought of growing up to study so that I could become a professional, work, and take care of my family who does not have much. We are very humble. At the age of 14, I traveled to Sullana to an aunt with the purpose of studying but it did not turn out that way because she exploited me.

I decided to work in a Cevicheria and the owner of the restaurant, Mrs. Marcelina, enrolled me in the Carlos Augusto Salaverry high school. She would take me to school at night so that I could finish high school and she would help my parents with what I had to pay.

When I finished studying, I traveled to the city of Piura to work as a housekeeper. It was only for two years because in that time I completely lost my vision and nobody wanted to hire me. 

Currently, I spend my time preparing tamales, mazamorra, picarones, and soda, and then I go out to sell it with the help of my 10 year old brother. I also study at a school near my house. 

I attend the Associated of Blind Readers of Piura where I learn braille, computing and massages. This is how I spend my days; working. But I don’t forget my dream of being a physical therapist. I hope someday I can do it and as the saying goes, God helps those who rise early.

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