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Guillermo Eduardo Charcahuana

"Absolute truths do not exist; different perspectives exist”


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 


Instituto Montesori




Vision Impairment




My dream is to contribute to the accessibility of the visually impaired, by selling teaching products and services. I would also like to learn languages.

About me

My name is Guillermo Charcahuana, and I am from Arequipa, Peru. I was born blind. I have goals and a purpose - I am currently in the second semester of the physical therapy and rehabilitation program at the Institute of Maria Montessori. I am here thanks to the voluntary contribution of Help Them Hope’s scholarship. With their constant support and encouragement, through reports and consultations, they watch over my advancement very closely. For this, I am forever grateful. 

It’s not easy, but I know it can be done. Even though sometimes it means having to get up in the morning and run to class without being late. It feels like my preparation will never end. 

I hope to be able to give back to Help Them Hope in the same way if they ever need it. And to be able to thank all those people one more time, who with their actions, have given us an opportunity. An opportunity, not to feed us, but that opportunity to do it with our own hands and knowledge, we can learn to prepare our own meals and invite those who really can’t do these things for themselves.

For any questions, we are available by WhatsApp in the evenings and on the weekends.

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