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Juan Daniel Mendo Abad

"If you do not try your best, how will you know your limit?”




IESTP "Buenaventura Mestanza Mori"




Physical disability


San Martin 


"My dream is to have a professional career and become independent"

About me

My Name is Juan Daniel Mendo Abad, I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Nueva Cajamarca in the San Martin district. I studied computer science; while I was in pursuit of my degree, I was always at the top of my class and graduated in 2017. I am so happy and grateful that I was able to study computer science, I really enjoy my career.

Much further in the future, God willing, I would like to take some complementary graphic design courses. I would also possibly want to start a small business to fix and maintain computers as well.

I am living with my parents, my older sister and my nephews. In my free time, I help my nephews with their homework. Thanks to the laptop that Help Them Hope gave me, I am also practicing programming and design.

I am currently participating in an English program offered by Help Them Hope. I really enjoy this course and am learning new vocabulary which is helping me a lot in my career. I have been practicing through the Duolingo app and doing the homework Jaime has given me every day.

As for the state of my health, three months ago I had a urinary tract infection which gave me a high fever and sent me to the hospital. I am receiving injections, now I am feeling better but my mom’s health is fragile, she has diabetes, despite everything we continue on.

On weekends, sometimes I’ll go on a walk with my sisters, watch some tv, go visit my friends from the institute or they call me to say hi. Regarding a job, I haven’t found one yet. I want to thank Help Them Home, Mr. Whelan and my sponsor; thank you for making my studying and degree possible, I’m so grateful for all the help that I still have with the English program and thank you so much for the laptop you have given me, it is a great help to continue my learning. God bless you all!

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