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Keyla Rosario Falcón Aguirre

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"My dream is to study so i can support my family"

About me

I was born in Huanco on August 16, 1998. My parents are Mr. Briam Elder Falcon Salvador and Mrs. Judith Aguirre Zevillano. I have two half-brothers from my father’s side. When I was seven months old, I went to live with my grandparents where I got to know my cousins. Now they are like my brothers. When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the San Juan God Clinic.

I spent my childhood with my grandparents and my aunt where I studied [nivel inicial como alumna libre]. At seven years old, I went to elementary school at 32282 San Miguel. In 2011, I went to Lima to be able to continue my treatment and at the same time continue my secondary studies at at the educational institution, Felipe Santiago Estenos de Chaclacayo - Lima.

I arrived at the Saint Francis of Assisi home in 2011 where I was able to continue treatment and they operated on me several times. I met many people while I was there but there was one special person who became a good friend of mine and who I have stayed friends with, and despite the years, our friendship remains strong. I was discharged in 2013 and I had to return to Huanco with my aunt and continue my studies at the school of Filother Mendoza Campus - San Miguel de Cauri.

I am currently living in Huanuco with my grandmother and I finishing my studies in computing and executive secretary at the educational institution, CETPRO CITEP. In the future, I plan to work professionally to become independent and to be able to help my family.

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