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Lesli Itaty Gallardo Huaripata

" I will follow you till the end of the world.”


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Physical disability




"My dream is to become the best doctor of my generation and also the happiest one"

About me

My name is Lesli Ytaty Huaripata Gallardo. I was born on July 18, 1994 at the Caserio Yanatotora in the District of Encañada within Cajamarca. 

I live with my parents. My dad, Jose Emilio Gallardo Salazar, works in construction sporadically, and my mom is Maria Santos Huaripata Cabanillas, and she is works at home. I have five siblings: my brother Franky is 23 years old and works with my dad; my sister Rosa is 22 years old who works and studies; my sister Marilu also studies and is 18; my brother Freddy is 14 and is still in school studying, and finally my brother Ivan, who is 3 years old and is in kindergarten. 

I went to elementary school at Toribio Lopez Casanova until 4th grade, and then I finished elementary at the Alberto Rivera Piérola School in Chaclacayo - Lima. I went to secondary school at the Juan XXIII school. I enjoy studying, and always keep the first place in all of my classes. 

When I was 6 years old, I was hit by a drunk driver, which strongly impacted my leg. I was hospitalized in the Local Hospital but they lacked the tools they needed to help me, so I moved to Lima, where I they helped me and I successfully managed to recover after two operations. After a year, in 2001, I returned to Cajamarca and continued my treatment and rehabilitation with a new doctor. He removed the nails that were in my leg from the surgery and that caused my femur bone to deviate which shortened my right leg. 

I had to ask for help from Dr. Anthony, who then helped me enter the Hogar on April 14, 2006. I was there for 2 years and then I returned to Cajamarca with my parents.

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