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Leydi Analy Gallardo Tinoco

"Never give up, fight for your dreams, do not let your illness become an obstacle in your path to your goals.”


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Vision Impairment




"My dream is to become a great professional"

About me

Hello, I am Leydi Analy Gallardo Tinoco, I was born on August 18, 1999, with a visual problem in my left eye, for which the doctors could not do anything. My childhood was complicated because society did not accept my disability, my mother and father supported me through everything. They took me to school, where my classmates made fun of my illness. I no longer wanted to attend school because of the constant ridicule and comments. I continued studying, and when I was in the 6th grade of primary school, my mother sought help because my family has meager economic resources. I found a wonderful angel, Dr. Antony, who, without hesitation, accepted me at the San Francisco de Asís home, where I stayed for 3 years. They were the best of my life, I learned to love and accept myself, because I observed children in worse conditions than me, and they were happy because they had a wonderful father in Dr. Antony, who is so kind and generous. I was operated on and off and came to love Miss Grasiela Tineo, they say chelita lovingly, as my mother ... with her support little by little I improved with treatment and she brought me back to my house. I am now studying the 5th year of high school, with a lot of effort, in order to achieve my dream of being a professional. I also want my parents, Miss Chelita and the doctor who is like my second father, to feel proud of me.

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