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Maria Elizabeth Medina Zambrano

"All your dreams can become reality if you have the courage to pursue them.”




Instituto Dima´s




Had or has - A Chronic Disease 




"My dream is to successfully complete my technical studies so I can have a career that I have always dreamed of. Then I will be able to help children and people with limited resources or with disabilities"

About me

My name is Elizabeth and I am 18. I am currently studying Accounting at a private institute in the city of Cajamarca. I finished my primary studies in Lima due to illness with the support of Dr. Anthony Lazzara in the Home of San Francis de Asis. I completed my secondary studies in the district of Bambamarca at the School of Our Lady of Lourdes.

It has been eight years since I was diagnosed with Splenomegaly and varicose veins in my stomach at the Children’s Hospital. This has often prevented me from doing some things in my daily life as I have often had to be hospitalized for a while. But little by little, I am managing to overcome this by promising myself to always smile, fight for what I want, and don’t be afraid of anything to make my dreams become a reality.

These days, I enjoy doing volunteer work on the weekends. One of my dreams is to become a psychologist to focus on helping people. Without expecting anything in return, I will fight through the end and overcome any obstacles that come my way.

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