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Norma Elizabeth Yucra Mucha

"Success requires persistence, the ability to not give up in the face of disaster. I believe that an optimistic outlook is the key to persistence..”




Universidad Católica los Ángeles de Chimbote




Vision Impairment




"To have a 4 floor house and build a therapeutic massage on the first floor and rooms to rent on the 2nd and 3rd floor."

About me

I am Norma Elizabeth YUCRA MUCHA. I was born in the district of San Juan Bautista in the province of Huamanga – Ayacucho. I have 7 siblings, of which 5 do not have secondary education. Because of circumstances, my mom had to take my brother and me to Tambio in the province de La Mar. When I was one and a half years old, she separated from my father due to alcoholism. He abused her physically and psychologically. My 5 older siblings stayed with him and we grew separated. At the age of 21, I returned to Huamanga, telling my mom I wanted to meet my siblings. However, I also wanted to get to know the town and look for a school or institute where I could further my education. I achieved it. The first year I came, I finished the 5th year at a CEEAA secondary school. The next year my mom wanted me to return with her. I did not want to return to the place where I endured so much psychological pain and is the reason why I have no self-esteem. Just thinking of returning there caused me a lot of pain. I was born albino and with poor vision. My childhood and adolescence was very difficult to face. I was bullied because of my light color and disability. All of the sudden I was the only albino person in a rural community, the center of attention. Adults and children made fun of me and bullied me. This made me have a low self-esteem. I was afraid, timid, depressed, and pessimistic. To overcome this I sought psychological treatment for 2 and ½ years. The wounds of the soul scar over but open up again easily when someone says something hurtful. Even some people in my own family were embarrassed to be seen with me and treated me as a nuisance. From the age of 10, I worked as a babysitter to help my mom with expenses of studying in the CEEA. I still work to pay for my studies. This is difficult because the little bit I earn does not cover my food costs, so there are days when I have to skip lunch. Norma’s Favourite Quote “Success requires persistence, the ability not to give up in the face of failure.” From before I was looking for help to be placed in a convent, an internship, or some institution that could help me continue with my studies. I was not successful. The psychological therapy I completed has helped me some and I continue fighting even though I have constant worries about the necessities of life and health. I also suffer from chronic headaches and fatigue and attention deficit. These are some of the difficulties I have experienced. What I am looking for from Help Them Hope is to obtain this scholarship, may God grant it. 

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