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Olga Edith Saavedra Zambrano

"Although there are obstacles in the way, we must face them with responsibility and above all be unique without copying from anyone.”


Early Childhood Education 


Instituto de Educación Pedagógico Bambamarca




Physical disability




My dreams are to finish the career that I am studying. Then I want to learn English and become a good teacher. 

About me

My name is Olga Edith Saavedra Zambrano. I was born in the city of Babamarca on June 24, 1998. My parents are Isidoro Saavedra Arévalo and Yolanda Zambrano Zambrano, and I have two sisters. I have completed my studies of pre-school, primary and secondary. I have had many good and bad experiences; however, this is where I met my good friends. I am now studying ‘early

childhood studies’ in a public institute. I choose this career as I really like working with children. I love to sing, play and interact with them. I also want this career as I like to guide them from a young age and to help them develop. I would also like to learn English and to use this in my career. Really, I love being a teacher! I was at the San Francisco de Assis Home since I was six years old. I received treatment there until I was fully recovered. They treated me very well . I am currently well although there are times that my knee bothers me but afterward, everything is ok.

In my free time, I like to go out with my friends to walk; I like to listen to music, to dance and to sing.

I have been through many things, and one of them is the disease that I had in my leg. However, it did stop me from achieving my goals but instead strengthened me. I realized that having some illness or something should not prevent you from obtaining what you wish for.

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