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We find sponsors to help youth from low-income families who live with disabilities to achieve their educational goals. Each scholar receives personalized support to help advance their studies.


Maria wanted to study at university to help lift her family out of poverty. Maria had the motivation but not the funds to pay fees, buy materials, or cover transportation costs. A sponsor has enabled Maria to have access to funds to study at a university, purchase materials, and get to classes Maria graduated as a pharmacist and works in a chemist. Thanks to sponsors, we have provided Financial Aid to over 150 youth and have many success stories like Maria.

Jeny, a Help Them Hope scholar who received career planning help


We provide career advice and help with career planning. Our scholars have many challenges, so setting a plan and creating goals helps them finish their courses. More than 95% of our scholars continue to study year on year. 'Creating plans and setting goals gives me the confidence to complete the studies no matter what challenge arises.' - Jeny


Financial Aid is our most needed solution. Financial Aid provided as a scholarship enables our scholars to return to school or to study a higher level institute. The funds help cover costs such as registration, monthly fees, materials, transport, and rent. To date, over 150 youth have received Financial Aid to study.

Violeta,  a HOPE Scholar studying at a table receives our most needed solution,  Financial Aid .
Support our virtual English Language Class led by Jaime


In Peru, higher-level students need a certain level of English to graduate. Many of our scholars struggle with English. To solve this problem, we created a 'virtual English class.' Over fifty scholars receive one-on-one support from Jaime, the virtual English coordinator, and a team of volunteers.


We provide support, such as funds for laptops, cell phones, and internet access. Our funds are limited; however, our goal is to have our scholars prepared for their studies. Scholars can also apply for extra funds throughout the year. Please support our Covid-19 appeal to help our scholars to get online to participate in their classes.

Olga, a HOPE scholar, with a laptop that has served as a tool to help her succeed, purchased with Help Them Hope’s support


"I put a hundred percent of my efforts, and I am happy to say that I was one of the best students in my class, I took advantage of the economic support, and this was an opportunity that not many have".

Studied Cosmetology

"This message symbolizes my gratitude for the invaluable support HOPE has always given me. Thanks to their trust, guidance, and encouragement I have my achieved educational goals".

Business Graduate

"Thanks to HOPE for giving me the support that I needed to achieve my goals. Now I am a qualified Engineer, I will not only be more financial independent but I can find sustainable employment"

Qualified as an Engineer