​​Meet the HOPE Team

From 'Scholars' to Leaders'

We have been lucky to have had great team members from Peru, Canada, Indonesia, France, the USA, and other countries. They have all added something special to HOPE, and many continue to support HOPE. When I started HOPE in 2010, a dream was to have HOPE led by HOPE graduates. I'm delighted to say the HOPE team mainly consists of HOPE Scholarship graduates. As we continue to grow, we will look to add more HOPE graduates to our team and empower them to become more influential leaders of work. If you have any query about the work of HOPE please make contact below.


John is from Ireland. In 2007 he volunteered in Peru. He saw a great need for educational support and set up HOPE in 2009. John leads HOPE and has worked directly with more than 100 Scholars. John's spouse, Karina, is Peruvian, and they have two children.

Erick Garcia Torres
HOPE Admin

Erick is from Juaja, Peru. He graduated as an accountant in 2016. He's the first HOPE Scholarship Recipient to graduate from university. Erick plans to do a master in Taxation. Erick manages HOPE's admin, and he makes the scholarship payments.

Faina Narva Guerra
Service Coordinator

Farina has constant contact with the scholars' and helps solve their needs as they advance their studies. Farina worked in her local municipality, providing services to people with disabilities. Farina likes to read, paint, and pass the time in nature.

Jaime Campomanes
Virtual English Coordinator

Graduated with a degree as an English Teacher. Jaime entered the HOPE Scholarship Program in 2010 and become our English Coordinator in 2018. Jaime is from Huaraz and loves returning there to spend time hiking in the mountains.

Maritza Burga Gallardo
Promotion and Fundraising Assistant

Maritza Burga es de Cajamarca, estudió Administración de Empresas. su sueño es desarrollarse profesionalmente y aprender más sobre el mundo empresarial. Está a cargo del Proyecto de Emprendimiento y Promoción del Trabajo de Hope.

Antonella Mendoza Lejabo
Graphic Designer

Antonella es de Lima, anteriormente estudio diseño gráfico. Actualmente esta estudiando ingles, su sueño es ser traductora. Actualmente apoya en diseño gráficos de Hope.

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