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Roiser Omar Ramos Zambrano

"can do everything in Christ who strengthens me.”


Automotive Mechanic




Physical disability




My dream is to Getting to work for large companies as a heavy machinery operator.

About me

Hello, my name is Roiser Omar Ramos Zambrano. I was born in Bambamarca on August 3, 2000.

My parents are: Mrs. Maximila Zambrano Cubas and Mr. Segundo Marcelino Ramos Luna

I spent my childhood in my neighborhood where everything was quiet, and there were no dangers, so we used to play until late at night. I liked it a lot because everything was laughter and joy playing with my friends. Sometimes we argued, but we always came back to be well, without a doubt. They were great years to remember. I managed to finish my studies in primary school. I started secondary school, and I managed to finish it despite all the mishaps over the years.

Despite my injury where I suffered a fracture in my right femur, I had the drive to continue studying and finish high school. Now I want to advance and study a professional career. I want to continue fighting to achieve my goal with my personal goals and fulfill my dream.

My dream is to become part of large companies' workers as a heavy machinery operator, so I will finish studying to achieve it.

Now I thank Help Them Hope and all the good-hearted benefactors who give me their support every day to achieve my goals. I would like to thank them for covering part of my degree's monthly payment and supporting me until I finish my studies for my university career.

My favorite hobby is playing with my pet and also listening to music. From time to time, I indulge myself and organize some outings with friends, and we go for a walk one weekend or share a lunch between the good friends. We have the best time; we share lovely conversations and experiences.

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