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Ronald Tinoco Infante

" It is better to do what you're accustomed to doing than take a different route.”




Instituto Superior de Educación Pública -Bambamarca




Vision Impairment




"My dream is to continue my studies and become a successful person in the future"

About me

I was born in a little town in the Hualgayoc district of Bambamarca in the department of Cajamarca. When I was five, I got very sick and it was not treated, so I started to have a bad visual impairment. In 2009 my sister took me to Lima to a home called San Francisco de Asis. There I received my first treatment for my sight. Thanks to the support of Dr. Anthony, I gained faith that I would get better. When I left the hogar, my vision started turning red and I had to use expensive eye drops. Eventually they ran out and I had to buy my own, but the drops were only available in Lima and my family did not have enough resources to buy it. 

Thankfully Dr. Anthony started supporting with paying half the cost and would send it from Lima until I was 18. Now that I'm older, I need to support myself and start studying. I have faith that my eyes will continue to heal and that I'll live happily, being able to support my family as long as I am able to study. My goals are to fulfill my dreams and accomplish everything through effort and sacrifice. I promise that when I become a professional, my dream is to open support a group home for kids with disabilities because I was raised there, and I understand the pain and suffering you go through because you leave your family due to having a disease, but you know that you're going to get support too and you hope you're going to heal from the treatment, but it can be very long. So my dream is to become something in life and support children with disabilities and study not just a career, but more. Because when you discover what is good and bad in yourself, you can make your own decisions to improve and I want to go as far as possible. Thank you.

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