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Rosita Noemi Colquepisco Flores

"Pursue your dreams until you achieve them.”




Instituto Cayetano Heredia




Physical disability


My dream is to have a career that will sustain me financially where I do not have to be a burden to my family. I also would like to fulfill my dream of traveling to another country.

About me

My name is Rosita Noemi Colquepisco Flores, I was born on August 24th, 1996 in a town called Torresmarca, in the department of Huancavelica. My father's name is Mr. Marcelino Federico Colquepisco Gonzalo and my mother's is Mrs. María Elena Flores Del Pino.

When I was a child, I dreamed of being a great doctor to help people who did not have enough money to treat their diseases. At the age of four, my brother Mario Colquepisco Flores and I were diagnosed with neuropathy, affecting our movement control. But that was not an impediment for me to study. After two years, I moved to another town called Ticrapo. I studied my primary school and one year of secondary school at the Los Libertadores school; I received many rejections from others due to my disability.

At the end of the first year of middle school, age eleven, my parents sent my brother and me to the Hogar San Francisco De Asís. It was my home while I was there, and everyone welcomed me with great affection and the warmth of a family. They gave me rehabilitation in the home, and I also had four operations to improve my disability. I continued my studies at the Felipe Santiago Estenos school, where I studied until the fourth grade of high school.

When my rehabilitation ended, I had to leave the Hogar. I moved with my family to Chincha, continuing my studies at the San Miguel Arcángel school. For now, I support my mother with household chores. I am currently deciding to study a career to support myself financially and fulfill my dreams. Also, I have always wanted to see new places and be an example for a society that you can achieve your goals no matter what problems you have.

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