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Rut Madae Paucar Ramos

"Never back down, never surrender.”


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"My dream is to that I will become the best in my profession Engineering/geology"

About me

Hello, my name is RUT MADAE PACCAR RAMOS (July 15, 1996). I am 15 years old. I am from the city of Cusco. I was born into a family of 5. My father’s name is Julián Paucar Mamani. My mother’s name is Irene Ramos Jorge. My 2 brothers are Alfredo and Gerson.

I had a very difficult childhood due to my father’s violence toward my family. It was very common for him to arrive home in an alcoholic state and not show any affection toward anyone in his family. I only felt hate and resentment for him because he abused us emotionally and physically. I only remember a feeling of fear by me, my mom, and my brothers up until the age of seven. I remember one day my brothers went to visit my grandmother. It was common for my father to hurt my mom. I was afraid of what might happen to my mom if I left, so I stayed with her. And so

it happened that day that he arrived home drunk and began

to drink more where we lived in a rented house. My mom sent me to bed for fear that something would happen. I heard sounds like they were fighting and I feared that it was my father and mother. I went to see what was happening and they were struggling. I went to his side and told him not to hit my mom. He hit me in the face

and knocked me to the floor. My mom picked me up from

the floor and set me on the bed so I could sleep. And to

insure there would be no more fighting, my mother gave in

to what he had asked of her. This was the last time he hit her because my mom made the most important decision for our family. She decided to separate from him. It was a very important decision for me and my brothers to no longer live with our father.

So everything was going well until my father decided to report my mom to the police for infidelity and abandoning her home. But my mom, with all that has happened to her over time, reported him for physical abuse. 

Therefore, his claims amounted to nothing in court. My mother did not receive any money from my father. My brothers and I relied on our mother. And when he felt like it, he would send only $60 per month for the 3 of us. Not out of moral obligation, but because it was mandated by the court. In 2005 I suffered a traffic accident, where I was hit by a car. They took me to the hospital and they detected no major injuries. But as dain. They did not find anything until they did a blood analysis. After that, they diagnosed me with cancer of the blood, acute lymphocytic leukemia. I was staying at the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco until more symptoms appeared, like a cyst/tumor on my neck. I was then transferred to Lima (INEN).

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