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Victor Huaman Vasquez

"The difference between the possible and the impossible is in the determination of the person.”


Business Administration  






Physical disability




My dream is to continue studying until I can have a job where I can help people; one day, I want to be a physical therapist.

About me

My name is Victor Huaman Vásquez, I am 18 years old and will be 19 in January. I was born in Cajamarca and grew up in Hualgayoc, a small city in Cajamarca where everyone knows each other. I have 2 older brothers, Guillermo and César, who were my best friends when we were younger; I also have two younger sisters.

Before I arrived at the Hogar, both of my feet were clubbed, and my left foot was very malformed. My clubbed feet were fixed with surgery, but my left foot malformation could not be repaired, and I wear orthopedic shoes although it is often very painful and difficult to walk. 

I arrived at the Hogar in 2012, it was also my first time in Lima. I was admitted, and I was there until I turned 18 years old. I miss the Hogar very much, the staff, the doctor, and my fellow patients became a family to me. It was incredible to get to know the many volunteers from around the world, I also learned a lot of English. I miss the Hogar because I lived with my best friends and I wish the best for everyone there.

I love listening to all different kinds of music and enjoy watching football. When I was younger, I would draw a lot and would like to start drawing again.

My dreams for the future are to finish school and study physical therapy. I am so grateful to Doctor Tony and everyone else who helped me during my time at the Hogar, because of this, I would like to help people too. Becoming a physical therapist would allow me to help others who may have disabilities similar to mine. I would also love to travel the world if I can!

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