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When I Grow Up

29 February, 2021

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University, college and post-secondary institutions alike can be wonderful places filled with an abundance of opportunity, but they can also seem like big and scary places. There are so many options and paths to choose from. As well, there are so many choices to be made at this age. And at this young and confusing time in our lives people are always asking us what we're doing, what our plans are or what we intend to do for the rest of our lives and it can often be daunting. You may feel overwhelmed by the need to have everything all figured out and by not wanting to fail. But the most important thing I have come to realize is that at this age we are meant to fail. We are meant to try and fail and get back up, because only then are we able to learn.

I used to beat around the question when asked what I wanted to do or what I am planning on doing, because I felt somewhat ashamed that I didn't have a concrete answer like "I am going to be a lawyer, an engineer, build spaceships at NASA"... But now I just say the truth: I am not exactly sure, but I know I want to experience new things, and leave a lasting impression. I want to help and inspire others but more than anything I want to live a happy life.

However, I am also aware that I am fortunate enough to have the resources that allow me to dream, to take chances and to grow. Whereas others are not always as lucky. But with the work being done at HOPE we are moving towards closing that gap of inequality because we understand that every individual deserves to have the same opportunities in life. For me, HOPE is aiding me in realizing further what it is that I want to do.

And even though I'm not entirely sure what that entails, for now I am okay with not knowing because I am taking the steps towards finding out what it is exactly that I love doing. I know that I love eating turkey sandwiches in the park, reading on the bus, the colour blue and writing poems on rainy afternoons. And with each and every day that passes I learn a little bit more about myself. Working with HOPE is another step towards figuring out where I am going. I will end this post with a little advice: Take your time, be an honest and kind person and always be true to yourself. As long as you continue to grow and learn, it is okay to be unsure where it is that you are going! What is it that older folks are always saying again? THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!