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Wilmer Choque Huaman

"God gives a hand to those eager to start their day..”


Civil Construction 


Seminario Mayor Nuestra Señora de la Evangelización




Had or has - A Chronic Disease 




"My goal is to become competent as a professional and to bring my family forward with me"

About me

My name is Wilmer Choque Huaman, I was born on February 26, 1992 in a humble and poor town called Pucara Pampa, Puquio district in the province of Acobamba, department of Huancavelica. I have 4 siblings and I’m the oldest.

When I was five years old I was an active and clever boy. When I was seven my dad took me to Lima for the first time, where he worked and I helped him. Every holiday we’d go to Lima to work. In fourth grade, I started having difficulties at school, which made me a shy, quiet, and fearful boy. My dad tried to help and made me study a lot, and from there I had no difficulties. 

In 2007, shortly after I started secondary school, I started feeling symptoms of my illness. Despite my symptoms I finished school where I had been in a band for 5 years and I also liked art, such as drawing and painting. I thought of studying music or art after secondary school, but my family raised me to study to be a priest in the seminary. I’ve always been a good Catholic and I liked the idea, so I decided to study at the seminary. In January 2011, I went to Lima to work so I could buy what I needed for the seminary. In March I returned to my house and started to study. Later that year my illness worsened and I went to Huancayo for a medical check-up. I was informed that I needed heart surgery, so I had to drop out of the seminary to do my treatment. 

In 2012, I was in treatment seeking help for my surgery. My pastor led me to CARITAS, and a nurse from there told my family about the Hogar San Francisco de Asis in Chaclacayo, where I welcomed by Dr. Antony and I was there for 6 months in treatment for my surgery. It was a great experience spending time with other patients, Dr. Antony, and all the workers in the home… they treated me really well. 

Finally I had surgery in April, which went well thanks to God. Little by little I recovered my health, which took about two years of treatment. In May 2014 my parents helped me resume my studies at the seminary. After all I’ve gone through, I decided this was the best path for me, and now I’m studying at the seminary.

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