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Wilver Alva Ccora

"Time is your most valuable resource, don’t waste it.”


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"My dreams and goals are to have my own company as well as store, where I can sell tourists my art"

About me

Hello, I’m Wilver Alva Ccora, a native of the Huancavelica department of the Acobamba province. I was born in a hut called a Checche, which is a 2-hour walk from the province. My parents are Macario Alca Laura and Teresa Ccora Escobar, they are both farmers. When I was 5, my parents moved to the province to improve our quality of life. At first, it was difficult for me to get used to, since I only spoke Quechua, the native language; in the province, they only speak Spanish. I learned quickly, and I have both languages mastered. My childhood was very unpredictable, my brothers and I never knew Christmas gifts, birthday parties, or games. Most of our upbringing we were helping my parents on the farm or grazing animals.

At school, I have always done well, I earned a top position with my diploma and have always dreamed of becoming a professional with a career.

From the age of 10, I took many jobs to help my parents, I worked in bakeries, dishwashing at restaurants, and also selling sweets, snacks, and drinks as a street vendor.

My hobbies were always playing football when I would leave school, since most of the time I stopped at the farm, helping my parents.

Suddenly, at the age of 16, I was diagnosed with a bad heart, with aortic, mitral regurgitation, meaning my heart valved were clogged. It was a challenging stage, I could not live my normal life, I would faint when I was walking, I needed air. In 2002, they operated on me, they put 2 mechanical valves in my, which means I need to be monitored, get treatment, and have blood tests every month.

I changed my life drastically because I can’t exert myself with much physical effort, but I always do my best to get ahead. I want to thank Help Them Hope for the excellent support of my treatments and my studies.

I finished my business administration degree and have been studying English for quite some time. I am doing well at learning, and in Intermediate 4, I know it will be such a great help for my future plans.

At the moment, I am not practicing English since I have not been able to get a job. I have applied to many positions, in the interviews, they always ask many questions regarding my health. It makes me think it is hindering my job search.

This has only motivated me more to find a job. I am preparing myself more, and I hope to be able to get that opportunity at some point, it is my biggest desire.

For now, I am dedicated to my small business of selling paintings. It is one of the things I enjoy, and thanks to my pictures, for the moment, I can cover part of my studies, transportation, food, and my room.

I want to finish up by thanking Help Them Hope and all the sponsors for the support. Because of you all, you are assisting many of us in fulfilling our goals of becoming professionals.

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