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Zanndy Lucydd León Oblitas

"Do not do unto others what you would not want to be done to yourself.”


Business Administration 






Had or has - A Chronic Disease 




"My dream is to own my own business, and my goal is to have my own house"

About me

"I was born on August 21st, 1993 in a place Linderos, which is a province of Jaén, and a department of Cajamarca. My parents are: Julio León Huancas and María Jesús Oblitas Vásquez and I have eight siblings.

When I was five years old I did my primary education in a school called TULIPANES, in a place called La Granja-Linderos. When I turned 7 I started my education in FRANCISCO BOLOGNESI CERVANTES N° 16042.

I didn’t have any problems until the sixth grade when I started having intense pains in my right leg; which I remember started in May. I couldn’t walk for a long time due to the pain; but in spite of this, I kept going to school. My house was quite far from my school and so I had to walk a long way every day. The pain got worse with each passing day and so my parents hosted a “pollada” (something people do in Peru to earn money by selling fried chicken with potatoes) to raise funds for my treatment. I received treatment but it didn’t work and unfortunately, it got worse because this time the pain was spreading to my hip. I did therapies but I had to stop for lack of money.

One day, my sister Merly started talking with a nun, she told her my situation and the nun came to see me. She suggested that it was best to take me to Lima. Due to our low financial situation, the congregation donated the money for tickets. The day that I had to leave came and in the travel agency I looked at my father and siblings and I felt really sad knowing that I would be apart from them. With tears in my eyes, I told my father that I would come back healthy so that people would stop making fun of me, then he hugged me and told me not to cry.

I was in Lima the following day; I stayed in a convent called Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Chorrillos for just a day and the next day I went to the CLINICA HOGAR SAN JUAN DE DIOS. My first impression wasn’t good. I saw a lot of ill people but I had to get used to it. A few days went by until my operation day. I was a little afraid when I went into the operation room but then they used the anesthesia and I went to sleep. When I woke up I touched my legs and they were in a cast. I stayed in the clinic for a couple of days and then a nun told me that they would take me to a place where they could help me and continue with my treatment.

I arrived to HOGAR SAN FRANCISCO DE ASÍS where I met a lot of people. I won their friendship little by little. After a few weeks went by they took my cast off and removed all my stitches. I felt really happy then knowing that I would be walking again, but it wasn’t like that because I couldn’t bend my right leg. I asked Victor, the person that took me to the hospital, why wasn’t I able to walk and he told me that with therapy everything would get better. I felt at home in SAN FRANCISCO DE ASÍS, I had a second mother, her name was Laidy, and an aunt, she was Mirtha, I called them like that because they lived there as well, I couldn’t ask for more when I was there, I had food and free treatment.


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